Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Beginning Of A Blog Life

It has been a rough couple of months. My family and I just moved from StCroix, Virgin Island to Katy (Houston) Texas. In three months, we managed to relocate internationally, (during a time when a Hurricane hit Houston) buy a brand new house, (in a wonderful community) and got through the holidays on a budget. Luckly we have been able to restart our business V&J IMAGES, which has not been easy. We are making collages of sports activities and people tend to love my husband's work. My next step is to get my Close To My Heart business up and going again. With all this caos, this will be the way to share my everlasting heart memories with my friends and family. All is possible with God by our side.


  1. I love your new house. Oh my gosh- it looks almost exactly like the one I had in Virginia and I LOVED IT! I hope you will make a lot of happy memories there! Congrats~

  2. Hey Vanessa! Welcome to the boggin' world! I love your new home! Hope to see you some time soon! Hugs, Barb